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What is the Most Effective Way to Consume Marijuana?

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Are you curious what the best way to smoke weed is?

Here is a rundown of some of the most common cannabis consumption devices so you can decide which one is right for you.

Best Things to Smoke Weed Out Of

  • Joint: The most popular way to smoke cannabis; all you need is rolling papers and a bit of practice with them. Joints are also easy to store compared to other smoking methods.
  • Blunt: These involve the same idea as a joint, but with a cigar wrap instead of rolling papers. Toke up with a blunt and you will get higher than with a joint, since cigar wraps can hold more weed. Plenty of Youtube Vids to show you how to roll a blunt!
  • Pipe: This is a small device typically made from glass, but it could also be made from metal, plastic, or wood. It is simple to bring with you and the quickest way to smoke weed since there is no rolling involved.
  • Bubbler: This is bigger than a pipe but smaller than a bong, and it uses water filtration on a smaller scale.
  • Bong: One of the larger smoking devices, the bong also uses water filtration and is usually quite big. It allows smokers to take in more smoke into their lungs than with other devices, resulting in a strong high.
  • Gravity bong: Similar to a bong, this one can give you bigger hits and is generally composed of a water pan and a 2 liter milk jug. This device is not for beginners, as it can give you an extremely high.

Which tool gives you the best “high”?

This is a highly debated question, but many believe that vaporizers are the optimal way to smoke cannabis. Vaporizers were first created as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco, but soon cannabis users began using them to consume weed as well. Vaping involves burning weed at a lower temperature, which lets users inhale more THC and other cannabinoids while avoiding inhaling the unneeded burnt plant matter that doesn‘t contain any active ingredients.

Methods of Cannabis Consumption:

Gone are the days of simply eating raw marijuana plant material or creating pipes with apples.

Now, there are several ways to consume weed, including:

  • Smoking: When smoking cannabis, you burn plant material at high temperatures, releasing the smell of burning plant material. Smoking will get you high quickly as this method brings THC to the brain faster than edibles.
  • Vaping: When vaping marijuana, you burn plant material at low temperatures, avoiding combustion of the nonactive plant material. Vaping is less noticeable since it doesn‘t produce a strong cannabis smell.
  • Edibles: This involves eating food that has been infused with cannabis. Edibles are easy to conceal since users don‘t need to smoke or vape them. However, edibles must either be bought or made, which requires some knowledge of the process. Read this article before attempting to create your own edibles. Keep in mind that the effects of edibles take longer to kick in and the high lasts longer than smoking or vaping.

So, how do you get a good high? Now you know the various ways and devices you can use to answer this question. Experiment with all the options mentioned above to figure out which method of consumption works best for your medical or recreational cannabis needs. No more apples or soda cans; you have access to real and useful devices for marijuana consumption.

Things To Smoke Weed Out of FAQ:

What Smoking Technique Gives You the Most Intense High?

Certain smoking techniques will result in a more powerful high than others, and regular bongs will usually give you more of a buzz than other methods; however, a gravity bong is the most effective tool to get you the most extreme high since it maximizes the amount of smoke taken into the body. Increasing the smoke intake means more THC entering the bloodstream.

What is the Most Effective Way to Smoke?

The most productive way tosmoke is to utilize vaping technology. Vaping is beneficial because it combusts cannabis or cannabis oil at a lower temperature than conventional smoking. This lower temperature enables users to only take in cannabis‘s active ingredients, such as THC, instead of burning plant matter.

Are There Healthy Ways to Smoke?

The healthiest way tosmoke cannabis is to vape it. Vaping cannabis is healthier than conventional smoking since it allows the user to inhale THC directly without breathing in significant burnt plant matter, which releases toxins and carcinogens when burnt. Nevertheless, medical experts and scientists are still conducting research to figure out vapings impacts on the body.

What is The Best Smoking Device?

Though there are plenty of great smoking devices to choose from, the bestsmoking device is the portable vaporizer. It doesn‘t emit an intense aroma, and it‘s ideal for travel.

Conclusion: Stop by Suncrafted Cannabis’s Middleboro Dispensary today and let our friendly budtenders help you decide!



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