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Holistic Health Group d/b/a Suncrafted commits to building a brand around the production of sustainable medicine, so that all decisions and business development are tied to those principles. So product development naturally follows this path as well.

In the production of extracts for example, HHG does conduct minor manufacturing functions using ethanol for its efficiency and efficacy in medicinal formulations. But most of the company’s concentrates are born from its unique high throughput solventless lab. There, some of the State’s freshest and most vibrant live rosin is generated for vapor and edible products in both the medical and adult use markets.

Ice water Bubble Hash & Live Rosin

Borrowing on some of the most ancient cannabis processing techniques with the aid of modern freezing & washing technology, the Suncrafted live rosin lab both avoids the use of refined solvents, and yields one of the most premium products on the market in the process.

Starting with fresh frozen flower from terpene-rich sun grown plants, Suncrafted’s efficient harvesting techniques manifest excellent source material for the lab. From there only ice and cold water are added to separate the brittle trichome structures from organic vegetative materials. The wash is then filtered and further divided into grades for hash sublimation, low temperature heat press rosin generation, and other related product processes and ingredients.

The entire process leaves little-to-no contaminants or waste behind, and guarantees that Suncrafted products can be built on one of the most sustainable production lines from seed to sale.

Locally Sourced Production Inputs

Suncrafted’s cultivation operations start with locally stored soils and fertilizers, but its production lines also use resources rich to the region where it operates. Natural food ingredients come from nearby producers, and the company’s oil based products and tinctures make use of high grade cranberry seed oil under its Cannacran brand.


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