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When Suncrafted Cannabis, a Holistic Health Group company, opened its doors for retail sales last fall in Middleboro, MA, it promised to be a different kind of cannabis operation, with a focus on sustainable practices in cannabis production. At its grand opening on April 20, 2023—AKA 420—Suncrafted will show off its commitment to sustainability and innovative therapeutic cannabis products, as well as being a positive force in the local business community and the greater Massachusetts cannabis industry.

A ribbon-cutting with local officials and members of the business community and the general public will headline the April 20 grand opening. Food trucks will provide refreshments with live music for entertainment. Suncrafted Cannabis representatives will also be available to share information on its products and educate visitors on the benefits of cannabis beyond recreational use.

Continuing the opening festivities, Friday April 21, Suncrafted will also kick off its “Farm Fresh Fridays,” inviting patients and customers, as well as other local farms, to purchase clones for their own gardens. Then, on Saturday the 22nd, Suncrafted will hold a job fair. Suncrafted Cannabis Middleboro currently employs 30, as well as seasonal help. Visitors to the grand opening can also fill out job applications if interested.

Beyond its influence on the local Middleboro business community, the company is an outspoken leader for sustainable practices in cannabis production from seed to sale. Preparing to cultivate outdoors for its fourth season in 2023, this year represents its fourth year of advising the Cannabis Control Commission, along with others in the Sungrown Cannabis Alliance, on how to make this low environmental impact form of production into a commercially viable option. The group’s efforts have included advocating for the use of organic pest control methods used by hemp growers, which became a reality earlier this year. Suncrafted and other Massachusetts growers are now focused on reforming testing criteria to account for these changes.

Suncrafted’s other sustainable activities include growing inside the company’s brand new state-of-the-art facility. Stock “mother” plants, and slower growth “vegetative” plants are efficiently nurtured in vertical grow systems under energy efficient LED lights, but all high intensity “flower” growth occurs in the company’s hybrid greenhouses. Depending on season, cannabis cultivation under greenhouses can reduce energy consumption by 40-60 percent versus “indoor” grow methods.

Suncrafted 1st place winnersAdditionally, the facility also hosts a “solventless” live rosin lab, which harnesses only ice and water to “wash” the plant of its most valuable compounds. Though the company has operated for just four months, Suncrafted’s rosin took first- and third-place wins at the New England Cannabis Convention, competing against operators open for more than a decade.

Suncrafted has also sourced some of the most biodegradable packaging solutions in the industry for all its in-house products from flower to pre-rolls and live rosin. Production waste streams are also problematic in the regulated cannabis market, so Suncrafted has foregone non-biodegradable grow media like rockwool in favor of soil, and even washes and reuses its grow pots.

“Many cannabis stores got into the business purely to capture market share, utilizing old methods and older buildings,” said Tim McNamara. “We took a different and more long-term approach with a very calculated effort to appeal to the environmentally conscious consumer.”

To attend the grand opening, guests must be 21 years of age or older. The public is welcome. To RSVP, contact Suncrafted Cannabis at 1-833-SUNCRAFT or email. Suncrafted Cannabis is open Sun-Wed from 9am to 7pm, Thurs-Sat. from 9am to 9pm.

About Suncrafted Cannabis

Holistic Health Group, Inc. d/b/a Suncrafted Cannabis is a vertically integrated cannabis production and sales company housed all under one roof at 477 Wareham Street in Middleborough, MA. All investment, ownership and management is held by Massachusetts residents and the company serves both medical and adult use markets. The organization is focused on sustainable production with a medical focus using environmentally friendly techniques for contaminant free cannabis products. Patients and soon consumers can view and pre-order the company’s products at


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